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Collaboration, Technical Skill & Community Focus
These are the core management elements New Star delivers to the Board of Directors and unit owners.  We begin with listening carefully to your objectives and concerns, and learn about past limitations and experiences that have either prevented earlier solutions or resulted with the current challenges. With Board consensus on which problems are most pressing, New Star extends collaboration to both its internal team as well as 3rd party vendors to sort out best options for delivery.

Exceptional Financial Management
In the typical association world of competing priorities and urgent demands, often solutions are dependent upon exceptional financial management.  Although New Star is recognized for the delivery of maintenance and contracted services, it is perhaps our experience in financial problem solving and budget expertise that you will recognize unique excellence and may benefit most. New Star’s early years often pivoted on “turnaround” work for struggling communities.  Today, financial recovery remains a frequent objective of many communities and increasingly, new communities are coming to New Star for best practices that support excellent financial management today and in the future.

Client Focused
Among New Star’s top differentiators is client focus.  Technical capability and financial savvy are of marginal value if a management team is stretched so thin that necessary attention and focus cannot be applied to your association. If your problems are not fully understood and options are not adequately explored, it is delivery that suffers.  New Star’s client focus converts collaboration and technical excellence to community satisfaction.  We make it our business to pay attention.
Whether a 55+ community or a 25-year old condominium association that skimped on reserves and is facing infrastructure issues, New Star delivers proven solutions. 
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Association Services
Financial Advisement, Budgeting & Management
Collections, Payables & Financial Statements
While focused on delivery of services within the operating budget; we collaborate with Boards on Reserve planning.  For the new community it’s future planning and protection; for the established community, reserve planning is critical for proper infrastructure replacement and the avoidance of potentially devastating special assessments.
Using Appfolio software, New Star collects association dues, processes payables and produces financial statements.  Statements include balance sheet, income statement, reconciliation statement, bank statements and check copies.  All detail is supplied so any unit owner can readily make a desk audit of results.  
Document & Records Management
Work Order & Maintenance Management
New Star’s Portal, available  for each unit owner provides access to critical association information including condominium documents, board minutes, financial statements, master insurance policy and other vital documents.  Online access,  24/7,  reduces Board requests for common information.
With unit owner work orders placed either through the New Star Portal, email or office, New Star responds quickly to acknowledge the request and schedule repairs.  Maintenance projects are managed either directly by New Star’s maintenance team or one of our approved vendors.  
Construction Administration & Capital Projects
Professional communication via email, text, newsletters, portal uploads and phone calls are a priority to make sure relevant community information is provided on a timely basis.  Board’s appreciate New Star’s skill in communicating complex budget issues detailing critical project drivers and funding requirements through each community’s “Annual Meeting Edition” newsletter.  Equal attention is paid to notifications of significant on-site work.
Inevitably, big ticket community components require replacement.  As long-term impact often results from capital planning decisions, New Star invests heavily in specification development, RFP vendor solicitation and collaborates with the Board as Directors to select a fully vetted vendor tasked with a major, clearly-specified capital project.  From vendor contract to validation of quality work, New Star engages capital projects with care.
Vendor Management
Meeting Management
Bench strength with vetted players provides important options for association Boards.  New Star actively develops a broad vendor base with multiple players offering expertise.  While experience and credibility are important, New Star manages the Certificate of Insurance process, working to make sure vendors are fully insured.
Annual Meeting notifications and implementation are developed to meet state law requirements.  While every community has a unique approach, New Star’s Board meeting engagement runs at the direction of the Board and has typically ranged from moderating the meeting to simply offering resource and information support.  New Star is committed to a data driven approach where we develop the information and options that your Board needs to confidently move forward on key decisions.

Friendly, Responsive & Knowledgeable

As a new 73 home community, with no experience in condominium management, we were concerned with our ability to properly follow both state and community laws and specifically understand what our responsibilities entailed. New Star has given us the confidence to suggest ideas, ask questions and make mistakes, knowing that they will keep us focused and within accepted guidelines. New Star is friendly, responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. The team is also working with us to improve our communication skills through their portal and newsletter, which will help keep our community better informed. We are very pleased with our decision to go with New Star!

Chuck M.
Homeowner Association, Greenland, NH

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