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​ At New Star we listen closely to the priorities of our clients,
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Uniquely, we offer proactive business planning coupled with an exceptional commitment to communication and responsiveness. This is New Star!
Capital Projects & Solid Management
New Star assumed management of our 195 unit association in 2016.  While New Star was a relatively new entrant to the industry at that time, the team hit the ground running.  With extensive collaboration with the Board, New Star helped orchestrate a turnaround in long neglected finances, building and grounds, as well as rules reinforcement.  

In 2019 we'll finish a $1.7 Million building envelope project that is transforming our community from 70’s vintage property to an updated, attractive community where unit values are outpacing local markets and investor held units are experiencing strong rental gains.  New Star’s engagement has been invaluable from the initial conception of the project to coalescing Association approval.  As the project wraps up, New Star’s management is apparent as the buildings are exceeding expectations and project delivery is on time and on budget.  
Our community has long been familiar with management options.  New Star is unique as they deliver on their commitment to Boards and the larger Association community.
Louis H.
Vice President
Condominium Association in Londonderry, NH

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