New Star Properties LLC - Principal Borker - Tim-WegeThe founding mission for New Star Properties starts with our clients and understanding that investor and association objectives are best met by consistently delivering value to tenants and association membership. Success means doing a lot of things…right..and in a timely manner.

New Star’s founder and President, Tim Wege, has been running his own real estate investment portfolio since 1991 while employed in a variety of finance, sales, marketing and management positions for a major international chemical company.  Tim managed a team of field sales engineers for a $40 million region, delivering mission critical products for demanding electronic applications. Earlier, Tim held a number of marketing and corporate finance positions that included acquisition valuations.

New Star’s launch represents the confluence of the founder’s fundamental appreciation for the investment power of real estate combined with a broad business skill set that systematically looks at real estate rental and lease markets to optimize revenues while managing cost and investment decisions.  In the world of condominium management, years of experience highlight the need for alignment with condo boards, delivery and consistent communication with all stake holders.

New Star’s Principal recognizes that property management requires an eclectic, comprehensive team approach to ensure that New Star clients receive optimal returns through strong tenant selection systems and consistent service delivery that sustains tenant satisfaction.

New Star… A unique approach committed to client satisfaction, delivered by a professional team seasoned beyond the typical real estate world.

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“I have had the pleasure of working directly with Tim and his insights into real estate investing and property management are some of the smartest I’ve seen. Whether you are a property owner looking for a turn key management provider or an investor seeking guidance I highly recommend you reach out out to Tim today!” Chris S.