Condominium Association Management

Association management offers any organization the challenge of many moving parts.  The physical plant must be maintained, projects prioritized, services delivered and all funds routinely accounted and reported.  All of this management must take place within an environment where there are lots of stakeholders.

New Star fundamentally is committed to client satisfaction.  We recognize that condominium associations are more than a collection of buildings with roads to plow and grass to cut.   Condominium associations are communities of homeowners and residents who simply want to enjoy a quality of life in their homes and communities.  Our approach to association management is straightforward and focused on delivery. 

In a world of competing priorities, we will initially capture all potential projects and maintenance issues and organize with a screen for prioritization.  Safety, for instance, comes first.  Addressing maintenance issues which intercept more costly damages come next on the list.  Subsequent priorities are tiered by potential impact to the association.

With a proposal on priorities, New Star works with condo boards to capture alignment.  As the association’s management team, we want to focus on the maintenance and project issues that have been agreed by the unit owner’s board of directors.  From here, it’s delivery and communication. 

Delivery will include a thorough vetting of potential vendors, specification development and bid management.  New Star insists on value delivered; not only for ourselves; but, qualified vendors as well.

Finally, we recognize that client satisfaction should be shared throughout unit ownership.  Consequently, consistent communication is a key focal point for New Star.  In collaboration with an association’s board, we want every stakeholder to understand the agreed upon priorities, delivery processes and timetables.  To ensure effective communication, we look to multiple tools including emails and postings as well as newsletters that are well developed and help create that sense of “community”.  


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